People of Action

Roots of Rotary

Welcome to the Rotary District 5370 People of Action Conference.

We are pleased to introduce you to the Roots of Rotary.

Roots of Rotary began as an idea when our theme “People of Action” was first created. The focus centers around three main ideas:

  1. Rotarians who are no longer members of District 5370.
  2. Widowers of past Rotarians
  3. Partners or Spouses of Rotarians

When our committee started listing who we considered to be people of action there was an in-depth discussion surrounding all of the individuals who have contributed to Rotary, specifically those who have contributed at the club and district level. From this simple thought grew the idea that we needed to welcome and show these individuals our deep respect and admiration in a new and lasting way.

Many Rotarians for any myriad of reasons have left Rotary or moved out of District 5370 and we aren’t in contact with them as perhaps we should be. We know many of these individuals made significant, impactful and lasting contributions to Rotary. We are so grateful for these individuals and wish to invite them for a wonderful weekend of fellowship and learning. To reconnect with old friends and have a chance to see what their clubs and community are achieving now.

Partners or Spouses of Rotarians ties closely in with Widowers of Rotarians. When building this conference we have recognized the importance of being as inclusive as possible. Partners and Spouses of Rotarians, are and have always been the glue that allows the Rotarian in their life to continue to serve. They are their clubs biggest advocate and cheerleader. These individuals have, and are, most often standing side by side at the events and contributing equally. You are our unsung heroes and we want you to know that we see you and we appreciate everything you’ve done and are doing for Rotary!

In this spirit we have created the Roots of Rotary. We hope to inspire other District Governors, Clubs and our predecessors to recognize that it takes many different people with a common goal to achieve positive, lasting change. You are all People of Action and you are the Roots of Rotary grounding and securing us all so that Rotary and our District may continue to grow and flourish.

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